Day Ticket Pool – Summer in UK

John Croft – Summer 2017

With summer coming to an end we have the carp taking cover for the colder months, with a busy work program plus preparation and the arrival of my baby son bank time has come at a precious commodity!

My angling has taken a significant change with my approach towards instant action. Bank time has been late evenings and a few hours after work commitments so preparation has been key towards getting a bite and some instant action and a bend in my rod. I’ve kept a keen eye on weather conditions, spent time pre-baiting small ponds and club waters to give me an edge plus the best possible chance of a bite.

I’ve prepared large amounts of pigeon conditioner and hemp to hold carp in areas for large amounts of time along with crumb and chopped ciric milk and ciric fish baits. I’ve found one of the hardest elements has been introducing a new bait to English waters yet I feel I have some small waters rocking on the bait fabrik.

As time has been limited I’ve not had the time to focus on the large pits and park lakes I’ve visited in the past so larger carp has not been on my radar…. what I have managed to do is single out some of better looking smaller fish on local ponds.

When arriving at small day ticket venues it’s clear to see the large amount of pre-bait taking effect with carp holding is those chosen areas fizzing and rolling as fish feed. Implementing large amounts of boilies over large areas and based on the bait fabrik’s high attract baits also enable me to catch carp from short sessions.

Kind regards John